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Do you need a mains ISOLATION TRANSFORMER?

An ISOLATION TRANSFORMER often has the same output as input voltage - it's sole purpose is to provide isolation from the mains.

Applications for ISOLATION TRANSFORMERS include:

  • Isolation of equipment (which may have a live chassis) for repair or testing
  • Provide isolation for input of variable auto-transformers - this will give you the flexibility & safety of an isolated variable AC voltage source for your work bench.
  • Protection of equipment from mains carried electrical noise
  • Elimination of ground loop noise - that annoying background hum from audio speakers when switched on but not playing anything.


  • Fast turnaround of custom transformers - often within days
  • Robust construction
  • Available as open type with flying leads or terminal blocks
  • Choice of mounting brackets
  • Terminal blocks or flying leads
  • Tough Varnish Coating - either clear or black.
  • Can be encased in powder coated steel (IP22) enclosure for hard wiring, or with mains cord on input & output socket on outside of case
  • Clean sinusoidal waveform output - can filter out noise carried on active & neural lines, while most filters only filter the active line.
  • Can have an ELECTRO-STATIC SCREEN between primary & secondary windings
  • Available in a wide power range - from 2VA to 150 KVA
  • Insulation classes up to class H - 180°C
  • Australian Standard AS61558 - 1997 compliant

Isolation transformers can have other output voltages.

These are generally then referred to as STEP-DOWN TRANSFORMERS
EG 240v 50Hz / 24v @ 250VA (see "step-down transformers" & "single phase transformers")
Or Three phase 415v 50Hz / 220v @ 5 KVA (Connection Yd11) (see "step-down transformers" & "three phase transformers")
S.E.S. has designed and supplied specially shielded 10 KVA single phase isolation transformers for installation at the three Australian research bases in Antarctica (Mawson, Casey & Davis).
Another S.E.S. contract involved design and supply of three phase isolation transformers and filters to I.B.M. for use with their "3390" mainframe computers. These isolation transformers were installed in the E.D.P. centres of major banks and insurance companies throughout Australia.



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